Our Statement

John Kerry betrayed our Prisoners of War and Missing In Action. (POW/MIAs). He betrayed our husbands, our sons, our brothers, our fathers and extended family members.

As Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, he and his staff advised Hanoi’s communists government how to close POW/MIA cases, with little or no regard for the truth.

In November 1992, members of the Committee, led by Senator John Kerry, traveled to Hanoi. During that visit, Sr. Col. Pham Duc Dai turned over his wartime journal supposedly detailing the ambush, death and burial of four men, from the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. Dai described how he participated in the death and burial of the four Americans.

John Kerry was exuberant in his praise of Vietnamese cooperation. Using the revelations contained in the diary, Kerry called for further U.S. trade concessions to the Vietnamese and he announced that he had gotten an accounting of four men. The problem…. Dai lied. But Kerry never retracted his praise for Vietnamese “cooperation.”

On October 26, 1993, Pulitzer Prize winning author Sydney H. Schanberg wrote” “Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, in his haste to carry out his agenda of getting the While House to remove the embargo against Vietnam, has done some extraordinary things. One of his recurring feats has been to try to turn fiction into truth…..”

John Kerry had one goal, to close the POW/MIA issue, and open trade with Vietnam.

Our opposition to John Kerry is not based on political motivation. We are the wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters and extended family members whose loved ones are the victims of John Kerry’s rush to normalization relations with Vietnam.

The John Kerry we know, signs a report stating servicemen were left behind at the end of the Vietnam War, doesn’t ask what happened to them, and rewards Vietnam for withholding the truth

John Kerry clearly demonstrated his priorities, placing trade with Vietnam over the truth about servicemen listed as Prisoner or Missing in Action. This is not a trait we want in a Commander-in-Chief.

John Kerry brought the Vietnam War into this campaign. So we say “Bring it On.”

All we want is the truth and John Kerry, by his actions, has made this goal far more difficult to reach.

Therefore, it is our intent to make it far more difficult if not impossible for John Kerry to reach his goal.

Dedicated to the defeat of John F. Kerry, we are the families of American Servicemen listed as Prisoner of War or Missing in Action, left behind at the end of America’s wars.

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